lakehouse weekend version 1

i love our lakehouse

and i love my cbus friends

so a weekend with my cbus friends plus brit at the lakehouse was amazing

brit and i got there around 11 on friday night after stopping at cracker barrel to meet her parents for dinner on the way up

we made a quick wal-mart run and then crashed on the couch watching new girl while we waited for everyone else to arrive

everyone else arrived at 2am and we hugged and went to bed!

lizzie made an amazing breakfast including sweet potatoes and then we laked it up with skiing (brit got up on her second try!), tubing, and chilling


french braid train with lizzie, julie, and christine


after brit’s successful skiing!

IMG_1496 IMG_1495


just before christine’s second kayak tip


greatest shirt ever?


lunch was maggie’s famous cheesy bagels and then we napped and played games and tubed

we had an amazing meal courtesy of jtt and julie consisting of an amazing white lasagna with oven roasted vegetables, homemade salsa, white sangria, and a blueberry/peach crisp


homemade salsa


delicious white sangria


white lasagna


blueberry and peach crisp

sunday was chocolate chip pancakes courtsey of lizzie, a small church service, and games

the weather wasn’t the best on sunday (cold and rainy and windy) but we had fun just hanging out

so glad i got to spend the weekend with my friends living the dream!


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