last weekend

my life has finally settled down a bit

and by “settled down” i mean that swimming is over so my free time has increased to 3 hours a week

or so

anyways, i have a paper i should be writing but lets be real…i am really good at procrastinating so i’ll write it later

this weekend was a blast

on friday after seeing my clients i drove to camp tecumseh for campfire and to see my friends


it was so great seeing so many awesome people and to feel so welcome even after being gone for so long

camp is a great place and i think that everyone should go


seeing friends like margaret and sarah scott and liz and abby and noah and fabiano and olivia and james and others was amazing and it makes you realize that real friendships can pick up right where they left off

i got back to my parents house late that night and watched some of “the middle” which is so hilarious

the next day i went to lunch with fabiano at my favorite place – baker’s peak!

it was delicious and it was so great to sit and chat with my brazilian buddy


we made a quick pit stop at the banana house for photos…

IMG_1424 IMG_1426 IMG_1425

then i was off to brent and heather’s wedding

they are so great and it was beautiful and such a great opportunity to spend time with friends


me, katie, and brooke


brooke, me, katie, heather, katie, and britney – ctk buddies!


goal: non-squinty eyes


love her!


brit and i!

katie and i had a great drive back to cincinnati with awesome conversation and a stop at bagel and deli for a crunch ‘n munch bagel – pretty amazing


sunday was kid’s church, church, lunch with some ladies, and then the swimming banquet plus hanging out with brooke for a bit

brooke is great and we haven’t had quality hangout time lately so it was much needed

and then i began the paper that was due today


ps i totally wrote this post on monday morning but then i procrastinated (notice a theme) adding the photos until today…


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