weekend wrap-up

whoop for memorial day!

an extra long weekend means i did lots of extra exciting stuff…

friday night was my first red’s game and it was great

the weather was perfect and it was fun to hang out with my city group

plus they played the cubs which are a team that i actually know (barely)

and it was great

and i like hotdogs so that made it even better


yay friends!


lauren, brit, and i passing the time til the fireworks started


waiting for fireworks to start….


brit and i 


mat, ben, and rob doing some serious bro-mancing


excited to be at a red’s game – and the photo i snapchatted my bro




our group

saturday was my friend allisha’s wedding

she looked beautiful and it was an amazing wedding that really showed how much they both love jesus

and i got to hang out with anna 

i’ve missed her and it was great to spend some quality time together




saturday evening some friends and i went to the taste of cincinnati

it was super crowded but fun and after we played a few rounds of my favorite game – spot it!


fried peanut butter and jelly – so good!


brit was a little distraught because they didn’t have anymore cheesecake left…


alex wasn’t showing his excitement but i think he thoroughly enjoyed the pb&j


rob’s expression after he saw the uc cheerleaders…


jess was sad they didn’t have cheesecake as well

sunday was church and then lunch at potbelly’s followed by a great nap


brooke and brit

sunday evening a group of girls got together to work on decorations for kim’s wedding

it was fun and i think they turned out great

plus i love kim and it was good bonding time with her

today i got to spend most of the day at a pool party

it was a little chilly in the pool but absolutely gorgeous – not too hot and beautifully sunny!

it was great to hang out with friends and even make a few new friends


getting into my photography zone


jess, brit, and i bravely jumping in the cold pool!


doesn’t that look just about perfect?

and then i came home and worked on my epic project that will hopefully be done soon!

conclusion = bam.


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