the flowers

i’m pretty awesome, but i don’t get flowers on a regular basis

so this story is fantastic

on thursday i was out with a friend when my condo buzzer went off

i thought it was strange but forgot about it

when i walked in my lobby, i saw a flower-shaped thing underneath some green tissue paper and thought “ooh, how cute! someone got flowers!”


i glanced at the tag and my next thoughtwas “what?!? i got flowers?!?”

i grabbed them and hurried upstairs to a note that said “you are important to me. from someone who loves you…”

notice the lack of signature?

yes, well immediately i was on the hunt…who could this be?

i texted friends and family and had no clue! my mom was being fishy but she’s like that anyways so i was convinced it wasn’t her

until she texted me the next day and ‘fessed up

and then today, the same thing happened

and when i walked in the lobby i saw more flowers…with no note!

i was so confused! 

turns out my mom got another order for free because they messed up the previous one, but it was a win-win because i got two sets of flowers!

they are beautiful and are the greatest surprise ever and my house looks super cute right now!

have i mentioned i have the greatest mom ever?

i do!


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