weekend wrap-up

i actually remembered to take some photos this weekend!  

points for heike

friday evening was a cookout at a friend’s house

we played a super great game called bang and i think i will absolutely love it the next time i play

saturday was freestyle sports saturday and it reminded me of playing super great games with kids at camp…oh i miss camp

after i took an a-mazing nap, it was time for some quality girl time

grilling out and s’mores with britney, brooke, jess, and katie

i love s’mores (and yes, they also remind me of camp)

sunday was church and some homework-ing and chilling plus another a-mazing nap


cooking s’mores over a charcoal grill….it had just rained so all the wood was wet!


i love s’mores


eating our delicious dinner!


check out those mad marshmallow roasting skills


interesting fact: i’m picky about how my chicken is cooked…but katie did a great job and the chicken was delicious!




s’mores, tye-dye, and a pool in the background – does life get better?


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