weekend wrap-up

so i’m gonna be real

i don’t really like to sugarcoat things and today when someone asked me how my weekend was, my first response was “good”

but then i stopped

this person is a good friend and i was giving her a brush off answer

because let’s be real, it wasn’t that great of a weekend

granted, there were good parts

and it could have been worse

but it wasn’t the best

and i’m not complaining

i’m just being real

but here are some of the good parts…

game night with friends


somehow we got to watching “stuff christian girls say” on youtube…it’s hilarious and you should check it out ASAP if you haven’t seen it


rob….probably not super happy because we didn’t get to play spot-it….i feel ya


this is ben…probably sad we weren’t playing “super fun fun” anymore….


lunch at adriatico’s…SO good and check out this bro bonding aka bromance going on


jess, britney, brooke, and i…aren’t we totes adorbs?


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