what could be better

it’s been a rough few weeks

i think it started out with me being sick plus a combination of finals and projects and crazy clients

and then it just kept going

i’m so much farther than where i was a few years ago but sometimes i feel like i’ve made zero progress

and i constantly wonder why can’t life be perfect

it’s always the times when things seem to be going really well and exciting things are happening that this happens

it just goes to show that we need jesus

we can’t be perfect on our own and as soon as we think we can, we get a nice little nudge saying slow down

and then today when i was running i was listening to this song

and it gave me some hope

one day, this won’t be an issue


2 responses to “what could be better

  1. i am VERY impressed with where you are spiritually. you are very mature. you are caring. you have many things prioritized correctly. i am so PROUD of you!!!

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