midwest tour

our family likes to get together and hang out

we have an epic thanksgiving celebration and the fourth of july is a pretty big deal as well

my grandparents decided that we were going to celebrate easter this year

so we did just that….this weekend

a little late, but we do really great at getting together

i left for west laf on friday after seeing clients

jakers and i had a bruno’s date for dinner

i caught up on some episodes of the middle

on saturday we left for peoria

ate some culver’s on the way and got some reading and rug-making done

jake drove = just a tad scary

easter dinner with the fam

catching up with cousins

our “talent” show and the traditional “that’s how i beat shaq”

bonding conversation with lee

sunday was church and a good nap

dinner and a drive back to west laf

then i drove to cbus that night – a large diet coke and ctk’s sermon kept me company

on monday i got to spend the whole day with maggie and also jtt, julie, christine, and jenny

i finally got to experience bodega’s $1 grilled cheese = so good!

and tuesday was lunch with lindsay at el arepazo = amazing

quite the whirlwind weekend but it was so fun to catch up with everyone

and here are a few photos that i remembered to take…


when i was driving to west laf there was a guy behind me drumming for a solid 30 minutes on his steering wheel – with drumsticks – my picture doesn’t really show it though..


peanut butter pizza with the bro


calen and i being super impressed by pete’s amazing piano skillz


mags and i


aren’t we precious?



they have an aperol spritz as one of their spring cocktails – my mom loves those!




plantains with avocado and cilantro sauce and other amazingness!


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