a couple weeks before my brother victor’s birthday, i ordered him some raisinets

he likes them and i thought he’d be surprised with a box of six bags of dark chocolate raisinets when he returned from egypt

well, amazon had some issues and didn’t send them until last week

and he called me and i was surprised by how excited he was about the amount i sent him

i mean, there weren’t multiple years worth of raisinets?

but i was wrong…

this is what he was sent



my brother is a pretty strong guy and he needed two friends to help him carry the box inside

then a few days later, he received this



because apparently amazon thought they didn’t send him all six bags 

crazy! but the best part is, i get a few boxes!



4 responses to “raisinets

  1. Are you serious? Really? That many Raisonets in one man’s (boy’s?) possesion? I wonder if he’ll share any in the near future with his elderly relation?

  2. Brandied Jelly Bellies, now thats interesting. However, old folks are flexible and will do other sweets if given an occasion. Hum, is there an occasion coming up?

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