my weekend

in just another step of my awesome procrastination, i am making an uber-long post about my weekend….

it started off with game night (whoop!) on friday, then saturday consisted of freestyle training, lunch with britney and brooke, a walk with britney where we saw a pig, and an “interesting” free concert plus giant jenga later on, and sunday was full of church (kid’s, service, training), sunday afternoon sports/heike and britney and katie bond on the grass, a walk with katie and britney (they are super great), and dinner plus ice cream with the g’rents




britney, brooke, and i all dolled up (yes, i’m wearing makeup – whoa!), and enjoying an evening that consisted of a super lame concert and some a-mazing games of giant jenga


this is kiki – she is britney’s friend who i now think is straight awesome


grammers and poopers came to visit for dinner and a trip to graeter’s plus a tour of my condo – so fun to have them around and to see my place (plus meet a few friends)


i love chimichurri.  when i see it on a menu, there is no question – i’m ordering it.  hence, the chimichurri burger at teller’s in hyde park – SO great!


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