my bike

i have a great story for you all

i won a free bike!

from a random blog…and originally it was a kid’s bike but since i don’t have kids and will not have kids for a LONG time (lots of other things would have to happen that take a lot of time), i asked if i could get an adult bike and they said YES!

so i got a free bike!  it’s a huffy cruiser and it’s beautiful!

i received it in november so i kept it in the box until recently

then i decided to be an independent woman and put it together on my own

and after not having a clue what step 1 meant…or step 2…i had to call in reinforcements

thankfully my friend ben is great and was able to put it together for me (although he couldn’t do step 1 either – it was missing a part!)

and then it snowed again…

so now it’s finally warm enough and i found a replacement bolt for the bike and it’s all put together and guess what i’m going to do?




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