i love games (have i mentioned that before?)

but not everyone loves games….which is something i just don’t understand!

however, spot-it is a game that everyone loves

proof?  my dad and i played it – i bribed him with just ONE game…and we probably played like ten rounds

then later he told me “it was fun”…FUN!

this is unbelievable….and he didn’t even fall asleep (also unbelievable)

a few days later i played spot-it at a game night with a group of friends…

there were probably about ten of us playing and i was the only one who had played before

and EVERYONE loved it!

it’s great because you are just as good the first time you play as the hundredth time

and anyone can play

and each round is less than five minutes

so, morale of the post? 1) go buy spot-it or 2) find me…i carry it with me 24/7 and will play it anytime!



2 responses to “spot-it

  1. We love that game at our house too! We got it for Christmas last year and have great memories of playing it with Liw! So fun and easy to play and you don’t have to read English that well! haha

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