west lafayette

this week is my spring break, however, i have practicum on wednesday so i just took a mini-trip to my parent’s house for the weekend

whenever a trip is made to west lafayette, the essentials must be included:  bruno’s (bruno dough and peanut butter pizza), baker’s peak (soup, sandwich, and an amazing cookie), little mexico, and preferably a favorite home-cooked meal (this time was tortellini carbonara)

my parent’s had just returned from egypt (yes, jealous) so they were a tad bit jet-lagged which made for a more chill trip than usual

but here are the highlights

image copy 8

granite sunglasses – if you life in the west lafayette area, you should check out granite management for your student housing needs!

image copy 6

dinner at bruno’s – aren’t my parents totes adorbs?

image copy 5

lunch at baker’s peak – again, totes adorbs?

image copy 3

so good! oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from baker’s peak

image copy 2

delicious tomato soup and turkey sandwich – they have the best rolls (and i don’t even like bread!)

image copy

my whole entire life my dad was clean-shaven, until 2013 when he decided to grow a beard….i’m not sure how i feel about it


the bakery case at baker’s peak – the worst part of going there is deciding what dessert you want!


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